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1st Austrian Conference on International Resource Fairness

Ressourcentagung (Paneldiskussion mit Martin Coy)

Opening panel on critical approaches towards resource extraction. vltr: Maristella Svampa (via Skype), Melanie Pichler, Khin Zaw Wini and Martin Coy. (photo: Guilherme Araújo)

“Towards International Resource Fairness – Theories, Conflicts and Policies”

International researchers and practitioners met at the the kick-off event of the transdisciplinary Network “Faire Ressourcenversorgung” (“fair provision of resources”) held from 4-6 December 2014 in Vienna … and we have been co-organizing!

Natural resources have become a key issue in international politics. Competition for access to and control of natural resources has intensified, and so have conflicts over the distribution of benefits as well as over negative environmental and social impacts of exploration and production. In this context, the question arises of how to conceptualize “resource fairness”, i.e. how access to, distribution and use of natural resources can be organized in a way that takes into account the legitimate interests of all actors and institutions involved. In this context, far-reaching questions emerge with regard to the current modes of production and living.

For a more detailed review (in German) click here.