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Participation at 11. International Doctoral Colloquium in Sustainable Spatial Development (DoKoNaRa)

Since 2007, the doctoral colloquium DoKoNaRa is carried out by the University of Innsbruck, University of Liechtenstein, University of Kassel as well as the HafenCity University Hamburg. The host changes annualy.

Every PhD Student is welcome to participate at the interdisciplinary dialogue about current concepts and current scientific issues. The 11. International Doctoral Colloquium in Sustainable Spatial Development took place in Hofgeismar, near Kassel, and was marked by the theme of “Resilience – a Challenge for Sustainable Urban and Regional Development”.

A participation offers the possibility to discuss methodological and contextual questions with experts from different disciplines. AGEF-member Felix M. Dorn presented his dissertation concept “Lithium as a strategic resource for the sustainability transition: Conflicts, opportunities and perspectives in Argentina”.

The enrolment period for the next DoKoNaRa will be announced in a timely manner on the AGEF-Blog.

Photo: Felix M. Dorn





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Presentations at AK GSEK „Global Linkages and Impacts on Urban Development“

From July 08-09 AGEF members joined the periodic workshop of the „Arbeitskreis Geographische Stadtforschung im Entwicklungskontext (AK GSEK)“ – a geographical task force focusing on urban development in the Global South. The workshop, with this year’s topic “Global Linkages and Impacts on Urban Development”, brought together scholars from Geography, discussing various topics related to urban developments in the Global South. The event was perfectly organized by the Institute of Geography at University of Cologne.

Among those studies presented were also three from our working group, namely

  • Christian Obermayr – “Wohnen für alle? Sozial-inklusive Wohnraumpolitiken in Surabaya, Indonesien”
  • Frank Zirkl and Tobias Töpfer – “Urbane Entwicklungen auf Achterbahnfahrt? Brasiliens Städte zwischen Konsolidierung und neuen Herausforderungen”
  • Martin Coy – “An der Peripherie und doch global… Stadtfunktionen und Stadt-Land-Verhältnisse in Regionen des Agrobusiness in Brasilien”

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Conflictos actuales por recursos naturales en Sudamérica. Un diálogo desde la ecología política.

ZiAS Workhop: Poster_ZiAS Workshop.jpg
Conflictos actuales por recursos naturales en Sudamérica. Un diálogo desde la ecología política.
Aktuelle Ressourcenkonflikte in Südamerika. Ein politisch-ökologischer Dialog

organisiert vom ZiAS und dem Institut für Geographie Continue reading

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Between goats and dust: rural youth exodus in western Argentina

Congratulations to ARREO for the “AUDIENCE AWARD” of the International Film Festival Innsbruck!!

ZiAS-IFFI GesprächPoster_ARREO.jpg
Between goats and dust: rural youth exodus in western Argentina
Dialog with Tato Moreno, director and producer of ARREO.

Mittwoch, 24.05.2017, 13:30-15:00 Uhr, Universität Innsbruck, SR 60107, Bruno-Sander-Haus, 1. Stock (über der Bibliothek), Innrain 52f, Innsbruck
Moderation: Fernando Ruiz Peyré
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